Usually exceptional

Your requirements do not have to conform to any standard: We prepare individual service concepts which take unusual needs into account. Would you like advice on a special vehicle or process optimization? Do you need to outsource your logistics department? Let’s talk about what you need. In-plant, outsourcing, or joint planning all offer interesting prospects for you and us.

Efficient in every way

Loading single and large numbers of individually packed goods into containers is becoming increasingly important. Freight harbors are investing heavily in high-performance terminals to serve the shipping companies with their ever-larger freighters. In addition, world demand for replacement raw materials is growing, while distances become inconsequential. One of the greatest challenges is the loading of loose goods, such as recycled material or normal goods in the form of individually packed items. We use our Scrapliner vehicles here. The Scrapliner offers the following possibilities through its 20-foot container:

  • Standing upright to load loose goods
  • On the ground to load moving goods or machines
  • Dumping loose goods


Trotz ihrer Wertigkeit sind Gipsabfälle auf Deponien nicht gern gesehen. Die geringe Dichte führt zu einer schlechten Volumenausnutzung; die Schwefelwasserstoffbildung kann zu Umweltbelastungen führen. Mit unserem Verfahren brauchen sortenreine Gipsabfälle nicht mehr länger in Deponien entsorgt zu werden. >>Mehr dazu in unserer Broschüre

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